A Warm Welcome to my website, My Name is Joanne (Jo), owner of Jo Jo’s Crystals and Divine Feminine Healing.

I have had an interest in Crystals for many years; I first started out collecting what I had felt drawn too for personal collection and some I gifted to Family and Friends, I had little understanding of Crystals back then, so I started to look up their meaning and properties. The more I did this, the more intrigued I became and my personal collection grew. It fast went from collecting Crystals to something I felt I wanted to do as a career.

I had previously worked in the music industry successfully for over 15 years, but felt it was time for change so decided to set up an online shop selling crystals and spiritual gifts. I studied Crystal Healing on a professional approved level and passed my Diploma in Crystal Healing with distinction, I then went onto study and pass my Advanced Crystal Practitioner course with Distinction. I also hold a diploma in Chakra Healing and Balancing which was also passed with Distinction.

I then became Certified and attuned to Reiki Sekhem – Seichem level 1 and 2 you can read all about this on my Healing services page.

You can use healing crystals to align your chakras which are the force energy centres that connect the physical to the etheric. The word “Chakra” is actually Sanskrit for “Wheel” There are 7 main Chakra Centres within our beings RootSacralSolar PlexusHeart ThroatThird Eye/Brow and Crown. Each Chakra is designated to a specific region in our body and each chakra is associated with different ailments

How do you know which Crystal to buy? I believe, as do crystal experts that you should pick the crystals that catches your eye, the one you feel drawn too naturally or feel connected too . Should you decide to purchase from Jo Jo’s Crystals; each Crystal is cleansed/charged then packaged with care; however, once arrived at their new home it is advisable to cleanse the crystal/s to remove any negative energy gathered by the crystal before reaching you, you can read how to do this on my Posts page.

Feel Free to email me with any questions jo@jojoscsrystals.com or if you need guidance on what Crystals to purchase. I also have Crystal packs available under Jo Jo’s Special Bundles. Check out our Instagram or Facebook pages.

A little History on Crystals …

Crystals formed millions and millions of years ago as the Earth went through dramatic and volatile changes – shifting tectonic plates, swirling gasses and volcanic expressions.

Crystals were formed in many different ways – intense pressure, intense heat, Gasses bubbling up and getting trapped, or minerals slowly dripping – the process the Crystal formed in is specific to the type of Crystal, but it all involved a rich supply of minerals mixing together. The way they formed affects the way they look and how they function.

The Process of how Crystals formed is why we can say that Crystals are Mother Earths DNA, because they contain the information on her development over thousands of millions of years like a blueprint.

Crystals have different energies and properties and it is believed they can help physically, emotionally and are often used spiritually. Since ancient times Crystals have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties, however you may just enjoy the natural beauty of them to add to a collection of purchase as a gift.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope you will visit again soon. Jo