Cleansing is a spiritual ritual. Crystals absorb and retransmit all energies with which they come into contact with.
They become receptive to emotional energies , therefore it is important to neutralise the crystal, which restores it to its original clarity.
Hold the crystal in your hand and set the intention to clear all negative energies.

various cleansing suggestions:

Water – run under water, hold in your hand. Please ensure the crystal can be cleansed by water some cannot, those ending in “Ite” such as Kyanite, Selenite, Kunzite cannot be cleansed this way please reference what can.

Earth – Bury the crystal in dry ground, no rain, dry soil.
1 month – from full until new moon.

Bury your crystals in the Earth for 24 hrs to Charge. using sunlight first will give an extra boost,

Smoke cleansing – Hold crystal move back and forth through the smoke. careful not to burn yourself.
You can use incense, Sage, Palo Santo, Sandlewood

Rice – Submerge the crystals in dry rice. This can be left overnight, Discard rice after cleansing your crystals.

Sound Cleansing – Sound waves and vibrations, singing bowls, triangles, drums, bells, crystals feel the vibrations, this will clear the crystals. Bells are an excellent source. take atleast 5 minutes to cleanse.

Reiki cleansing – Hold crystal carefully between your cupped hand and give it a boost of reiki energy.
Place in an upturned glass so you can cup your hands around the crystal without touching it for reiki cleansing.

Moon Cleansing – Is done on the day before, during or after the full moon. You have a 3 day window.
Place your crystals outside in direct sight of the moon and leave overnight or as long as the moon is visible.
Do not get your crystals wet.
You can also place them on a windowsill in view of the full moon. This will Charge your crystals too.

Sunshine – Some crystals enjoy the sun cleansing, and being placed in sunbeam leave for 5 minutes.
You can place them inside in view of the sun also. The sun works best with Red, Orange, Yellow crystals.
Do not leave for long as some can fade.
The sun is a giver of all life and, as such is extremely powerful energiser for crystals.

Charging your crystals.

Before charging your crystals with your chosen method, first set your intentions and state you are doing this to charge your crystal for THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

After your Crystals are charged Thank the Divine for assisting in charging your crystals.

Some crystals can be very energising to others, especially if they are of a higher frequency.
Place your crystal or larger piece of stone that can charge other crystals such as,

* Selenite
* Amethyst Cluster
* Clear Quartz Cluster
* Carnelian

Leave your crystal there for 24 hrs or until it feels like it is full energy.

Charging grids – This is a variation on using charging crystals, take a group of crystals 4-8 or more and point them inwards in a circle.
Place the crystal you want to be charged in the centre of the circle and leave to charge for 24 hrs or more.

Plant method – Place your crystals among the leaves of a growing healthy plant for 24 hrs or more to charge it. This is believed to bring growth energies to the charged crystals.

Pyramids – This can be combined with any other methods if needed. Pyramids are known to produce negative ions. Therefore it is believed that they have balancing effect.
The shape of pyramids gives a feeling of total equilibrium and balance, transcendence. Pyramids work as an antenna to bring cosmic energy and concentrate the energy on the crystals within to re energise them.

It is highly recommended that you cleanse and charge all crystals regularly.

Even those that are believed to not need charging it cannot hurt to give them a boost.
Crystals are like batteries.