Customer Review:

Jo put me ease straight away and assured me that any time, I can cancel, even on the morning of my appointment, if need be.  This was mega handy as my anxiety and panic disorder with leaving home was through the roof so Jo’s words were really comforting.
Needless to say, it was the most natural journey from meeting Jo to having the most wonderful Crystal Reiki session.  Jo is not only an exceptional healer but also a natural intuitive.
This was demonstrated even further when the panic disorder stepped it up a notch, my stomach was bloated like a balloon (I kid you not, looked like I was pregnant!) and with work there was no way I could physically reach Jo but she did the most serene and beautiful remote Crystal Reiki healing.  
Crystal grids, music and wonderful words and meditation videos were sent, of the healing carried out and I have been watching and listening to them since.  

The first time I had Reiki with Jo, not only did my panic and anxiety subside, I was sleeping better and could channel clearer for my own work.  And of course Jo’s collection of beautiful and authentic crystals were a treat and I use them now to aid work and others on their journey.
The second time me and Jo connected via remote Crystal Reiki, my panic dissipated, and my tummy begun clearing as well as finding my voice again.  
Jo has such a calming and genuine manner and it never felt like she was doing this for any other reason other than to heal and help. 
I love you Jo and am so glad we got to meet in this life.
Warmest regards 
Heema, 40, London