Joanne Wiskin is an energy worker Certified and Attuned to level 1 & 2 Sekhem – Seichem – Reiki

Joanne is also a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner Advanced level with Distinction

Other Qualifications Chakra Balancing with Distinction and currently studying Chakra & Aura Healing

Joanne works intuitively as guided, using Tools such as Crystals, Pendulums, Healing grids and wands, Oracle and Tarot Cards, sound healing such as Singling bowls and tuning forks.

Joanne can advise you accordingly on what Crystals to purchase should you request them. All Crystals sold online or via the shop are attuned to Reiki – Sekhem – Seichim by Joanne personally.

email or contact through Instagram @jojoscrystals for further information