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Pricing as below for Sekhem – Seichem – Reiki Healing with Jo (Certified and attuned to Level 2)

Reiki Healing Session in person (first appointment allow 1 hr 15 Minutes) – £40

Sessions thereafter 45 Minutes – £30

Session to include Consultation – Body Scan – Chakra Balancing – Aura Cleansing /Protection

Each session is bespoke therefore Crystals – Grids – Sound healing can be incorporated into the session at the discretion of Jo (Practitioner) going by guidance and the patient’s needs

Distant healing session £25 for 30 minutes – Person or Animals

Distant Healing is available for those who require this service, which can be ideal for those who are not local to the Practitioner, not able to travel for health reasons or those wanting Healing without the in person session. A brief consultation will be needed beforehand and a time will be allocated for the session so that the person receiving healing can receive the healing at the same time it is being given remotely. we suggest a quiet and comfortable space, a candle, and or incense/sage lit. After the session you can discuss your session with Jo by a method of your choice. You will be asked to send a photo and brief message to assist with the healing session.

Disclaimer : Sessions can be refused at the discretion of the Practitioner without reason this is our right as energy workers without prejudice.