Bracelet – Red Turquoise (Exclusive to JoJo’s Crystals)


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Limited Edition handmade ‘Red Turquoise’ elastic bracelets.

These beautiful handmade bracelets; ‘Made with Love trinket’ are the ideal gift for your loved one.

Only 6 exclusively were made which make these even more special.

Red Turquoise is a beautiful dyed stone.

Ancient cultures regarded Turquoise as a highly sacred stone because its energies are centred on protection, power, and luck.

It is said to be a purification stone, it will effectively dispel negative energies and protect you against pollutants or negative outside influences. It is also a stone that will align and balance the chakras when you combine it with fluorite. It will promote inner relaxation and calm and stabilize your mood swings.

Turquoise energies will bring well wishes, prosperity, and good health.