Cauldron Oil Burner

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Cauldron (Black) Oil, Wax and Granules Burner

This oil burner has been inspired by a black cauldron design and has been finished with decorative glaze to give the highest standard, they make a perfect gift for any special occasion or it makes a very attractive decoration in any room.

For use with fragrance oils, simply place a tea light candle in the base and a few drops of fragrance oil in the bowl. Also suitable for use with wax melts; however, it is advisable to consider the size and depth of the bowl when adding wax to ensure it will not overrun the edges when melted

h10 x w12.5 x d12.5 cm


Disclaimer: Please ensure you always use a purpose designed oil burner, for water, oils and wax melts. Ensure they are on a heat resistant surface and kept away from curtains or fabrics. Never leave the burner unattended and away from children. Always ensure adequate ventilation and ensure the candle is extinguished properly.

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