Fire and Ice Quartz Crystal


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Fire and Ice Quartz is the name given to a form of Clear Quartz, Silicon Dioxide from Brazil.

Although looking like a Crackled Quartz, it has been subjected to thermal shock – heated and rapidly cooled- but the underlying Quartz has a high vibration that released its innate power to fertilize the earth and the soul. This created a crystal characterized by fractures, flaws and inclusions that contain numerous rainbows and which activates expanded awareness. Carrying cosmic fire, it is inspirational, facilitating ignition of spiritual purpose.

Fire & Ice Quartz raises the vibrations of one’s etheric body so that you can maintain a high vibration which in turn raises the vibrational energy of your physical being.  Fire and Ice Quartz contains the Spirit of life and of pure love. Self cleansing, it is particularly useful for spiritual manifestation, having a strong resonance with the law of attraction. its a crystal for new beginnings and profound growth.


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