Pack – Soothe the Blues Away


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A bundle to help with Anxiety, Stress, Depression each bag attuned to Reiki Healing

This pack consists of 5 stones.


Rose Quartz – one of the best crystals for healing anxiety is Rose Quartz, it radiates unconditional love and can truly help to heal the heart. It has a calming energy that helps to relieve stress and worry.

Sunstone – Is said to be a good mood lifter, it will infuse your emotional body with a lighter energy, leading to a more positive outlook, it is said to be a nice gentle soother.

Amethyst – Is said to be hugely helpful for depression. Amethyst is deeply cleansing, it is said to transmute negative energies to positive energies, Amethyst is believed to heal on a deeper level.

Lepidolite – Is said to balance the mind and spirit; it is a calming stone and is believed to be one of the best mood stabilisers.

Sodalite – The calming effect facilitates logical thinking, Sodalite is believed to bring emotional balance and calm panic attacks and helps ease anxiety.


Additional suggestion

Angel Aura is said to help raise your vibration instantly, and help list dark moods, it is said to bring you hope, if you feel unloved or lonely. Let it be your Guardian Angel

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